About Synergen Met

Synergen Met Pty Ltd is an Australian-owned and operated business made up of a team of scientific minds with more than 80 years of experience working within the global mining industry.

Synergen Met was formed seven years ago to develop the technology for a modular sodium cyanide process plant, the Synergen NaCN Plant , invented by Dr Geoff Duckworth.

The Synergen NaCN Plant is a world-first technology that has been invented, developed and tested from the ground up to meet the precise needs of the world's gold, silver and base metal mineral processing operations. 

The first plant of its kind is located at a mine in Australia and it has undergone more than six years of rigorous development and testing with some of the industry's brightest minds.  

The Synergen NaCN Plant is a modular, stand-alone production plant for the manufacturing of sodium cyanide. Each plant is the size of a standard 40-foot shipping container and is readily transportable. 

We believe the Synergen NaCN Plant will cause a major shift in the approach to cyanide production and management in the mining industry. It is designed for a just-in-time production approach and this is the catalyst for a wide range of environmental and economic advantages. 

The plant will eliminate a range of dangerous activities associated with the use of cyanide such as transportation, on-site handling, and maintaining large cyanide inventories.

The plant's technology has been through the PCT patent process and full patents have been granted in Australia, Mexico, South Africa and the two African patent regions of OAPI and ARIPO.  Patents are under review or are near to review in the USA, Canada and Europe.