Our technology:

Through our development and testing, the Synergen NaCN Plant has been proven to offer major benefits to gold mines and the way they source their cyanide.  

Some of these major benefits include: 

  • Removal of the requirement to transport hazardous chemicals through communities. The risk to fragile ecosystems is therefore also eliminated.  
  • Minimal site storage of either solid or liquid NaCN.
  • Zero cyanide handling. NaCN is made on-site to the exact specifications of the mine site, generally a 25 per cent to 30 per cent dilute solution. It is pumped directly from the production tank to the site’s NaCN holding tank in a closed system. 
  • Up to 50 per cent cheaper than the current market price of NaCN. Our technology will significantly reduce the cost of reagents to operating mines.  This will have a major impact on the mine’s cash operating costs, resulting in a potential extension of the life of mine.  This may also reduce compliance costs.  
  • Smaller mining operations will now have surety of NaCN supply.  In a number of locations around the world, the smaller mining operations struggle to secure NaCN supply as their demand may not be significant enough for existing NaCN producers to be interested, or the price is too high.